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We are an entrepreneurial firm with an institutional background and have identified a core set of attributes that pave the way for success. We invest across the spectrum of multifamily assets and proudly partner with best-in-class companies in the industry. We have a track record of success for identifying opportunities and providing hands on asset management.

How We Stay One Move Ahead

As experienced investors, we find value and opportunities for growth throughout the cycle by:

  • Identifying assets with solid market and real estate fundamentals, leading to minimized risk and durable cash flow
  • Implementing different investment strategies before the herd mentality sets in
  • Adapting and staying flexible


We identify properties that have:

  • 100 or more units and market amenities
  • Favorable pricing relative to comparable properties and replacement cost
  • Strong current cash flow that protects downside risk
  • Fundamentally solid position in the market
  • No structural deficiencies


We identify locations that have the following attributes:

  • High growth and stable markets with favorable multifamily, demographic, and economic trends
  • Limited effects of new supply
  • Anchor employer in the submarket to drive demand
  • Desirable retail and other amenities in the area
  • Target markets in Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Texas
(240) 743-3315 4600 East West Hwy Suite 610 Bethesda, MD 20814 Railfield is an experienced multifamily investment and asset management firm focused on creating value for both our investors and the residents of our communities.